Our Team

About Josh Harington (Co-founder)

Starting to teach himself coding at the age of 12, Josh has managed to gain quite some traction in the development space. Be it from building up a company from scratch to a value of $1 mil (USD) in under 12 months at the age of 20, to building his own ‘shazam’ to make his game of space invaders more challenging by using audio frequencies to output more powerful bullets, to crisis development – building 9 month project in 24 hours, or a 2 year project in under a week, Josh has garnered interest from a few big names and managed to land himself big projects as a freelancing developer. As well as developing apps and websites, Josh is giving the talking space a go by mentoring other developers, giving workshops and posting to YouTube.

About Pooveshin Moodley (Co-founder)

Pooveshin Moodley is a qualified Software engineer in System and Mobile Applications. He currently holds a National Diploma in Information Technology: Software Engineering, Digital Marketing, Mobile Applications Development and Smartphone Photography, Certificates in Project Management, and certified by Sage South Africa (Sage Evolution ERP). Pooveshin realised his passion for the technology sector at a tender age of 11 and was writing his first System Applications for the Windows platform by 15. Pooveshin is skilled in Java, xml, css, html, Javascript, sql, reporting, to name a few.

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